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thermal transfer ribbon certificate  'HQP -  High Quality Product' -
ribbon SW100 wax
Ribbon Standard size SW100
Recomended for gloss, semi gloss and matt paper labels.
You can find ribbon that are always available in stock or still order with minimum quantity of 1 pack.
These measurements can be processed within 3 days from date of order.
Any measures or other unspecified quality must be agreed with our commercial reference.
Ribbon SW100 data sheet
ink INSIDE ribbon
Part NumberWidthLenghtInkBox Quantityinfo
40 mm300 mIN20
48 mm300 mIN20
55 mm300 mIN20
64 mm300 mIN20
76 mm300 mIN10
83 mm300 mIN10
NG113090 mm300 mIN10
NA1062104 mm300 mIN10
NG1015110 mm300 mIN10
155 mm300 mIN10
166 mm300 mIN10
220 mm300 mIN10
Part NumberWidthLenghtInkBox Quantityinfo
NA106940 mm360 mIN18
NF106748 mm360 mIN18
NG103755 mm360 mIN18
NF100264 mm360 mIN18
NG100376 mm360 mIN9
NF105683 mm360 mIN9
NA105190 mm360 mIN9
NG1012104 mm360 mIN9
NG1013110 mm360 mIN9
NF1043155 mm360 mIN9
NG1010165 mm360 mIN9
220 mm360 mIN9
Part NumberWidthLenghtInkBox Quantityinfo
40 mm450 mIN12
48 mm450 mIN12
55 mm450 mIN12
64 mm450 mIN12
76 mm450 mIN6
83 mm450 mIN6
90 mm450 mIN6
104 mm450 mIN6
NF1030110 mm450 mIN6
NT1075155 mm450 mIN6
NG1023165 mm450 mIN6
220 mm450 mIN6
ink OUTSIDE ribbon
Part NumberWidthLenghtInkBox Quantityinfo
48 mm153 mOUT20
55 mm153 mOUT20
64 mm153 mOUT20
76 mm153 mOUT10
83 mm153 mOUT10
90 mm153 mOUT10
104 mm153 mOUT10
110 mm153 mOUT10
155 mm153 mOUT10
165 mm153 mOUT10
220 mm153 mOUT10
Part NumberWidthLenghtInkBox Quantityinfo
NG103840 mm300 mOUT20
48 mm300 mOUT20
55 mm300 mOUT20
NG106264 mm300 mOUT20
NF107876 mm300 mOUT10
NT105283 mm300 mOUT10
NT100690 mm300 mOUT10
NT1055104 mm300 mOUT10
NG1018110 mm300 mOUT10
NA1009155 mm300 mOUT10
165 mm300 mOUT10
220 mm300 mOUT10
Part NumberWidthLenghtInkBox Quantityinfo
40 mm450 mOUT12
48 mm450 mOUT12
NG105155 mm450 mOUT12
NG105764 mm450 mOUT12
NG105076 mm450 mOUT6
NG104883 mm450 mOUT6
NG105690 mm450 mOUT6
NG1058104 mm450 mOUT6
NG1060110 mm450 mOUT6
NG1070155 mm450 mOUT6
NG1020165 mm450 mOUT6
NF1039220 mm450 mOUT6
Part NumberWidthLenghtInkBox Quantityinfo
NG100576 mm300 mOUT7
NA106190 mm300 mOUT7
NG1008110 mm300 mOUT7
NG1029170 mm300 mOUT7
NG1030220 mm300 mOUT7
Part NumberWidthLenghtInkBox Quantityinfo
NT400564 mm74 mOUT33anima 1/2 pollice
NT400484 mm74 mOUT33anima 1/2 pollice
NT4002110 mm74 mOUT33anima 1/2 pollice
artefoil reserves the right to modify or delete one or more sizes available in stock without notice, according to market demand and the cuttings optimization.
You can request customized sizes with minimum productions quantity, in these case you should always ask for a specific quote.
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