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ribbon QR590 resin
ribbon QR590 resin
The thermal transfer ribbon QR590 is the best ribbons on the resin market, use with top level synthetic materials, ensures the best performance in terms of keeping to solvents and other aggressive agents.
Its formulation requires, normally, an amount of energy above the average, this features provides the perfect fusion with the material resulting in a print with a high indelible result.
Also QR590 ribbon expanding TTR applications by replacing conventional printing methods (alternative for pre-printed labels, overlamination, etching).
As well as all artefoil ribbons, QR590 is produced according most rigorous quality rules. QR590 is ROHS Compliant, WEEE Directive, BSI 5609: 1986 Directive, 2000/53/EC Directive certified
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General Features
Recomended for syntethic paper, film (PET, PE, PVC).
Best result with 3M 7870E White PET and THERMFil CHEMGARD Series (silver, white and cleat PET).
Chemical - drum labeling, rating plates, electronic components, pharmaceutical industries,outdoor applications, ideal for extra long-life applications
Ultra Chemical resistance
Enhanced durability
Excellent scratch resistance
Excellent Heat resistance
Alternative for pre-printed labels, overlamination, etching

Technical Features


Color black graphic performance resin ribbon QR590
Print speed 6 inch/sec.
Thickness of polyester film 4,5 microns
Thickness of ribbon -
Ink melting point 150°C
Optical density (transmission) 1,00 Scala Macbeth
Thermal Transfer printers compatible (main Manufacturer)
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